DigitalAgenda is about the impact of technology on people, places and business.

Our content highlights innovation, reports trends and explains the positive difference that technology makes to our lives. And our events connect people face-to-face from our network of digital professionals – including at our new Impact Awards, monthly city dinners – and just the occasional party.

Our work helps people to share wisdom and ideas for using digital to promote positive change.

We set out to explain how technology is changing the world for people, places and businesses, across critical areas like education, health, climate, cities, food and more. And we welcome efforts by organisations right across the economy to use digital to transform their work and the way that places function.

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Impact technology is a $16bn industry growing fast and in surprising ways.

Our content-meets-networking approach takes a UK-wide perspective, rather than focussing on just London. We are co-located in London and in Newcastle.

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