Glastonbury makes good connections

Glastonbury, the world’s largest music and performing arts festival, welcomes 200,000 people to its greenfield site at Worthy Farm in Somerset this week. Faced with a five-day population the size of Portsmouth, it’s little surprise to see organisers embrace more smart tech to keep the tented city running, and as safe as it can be in troubled times, says Julian Blake. (more…)

Focus on problem, say founders

Making it big in the tech world is difficult – but making it big with tech for good brings extra challenges. But a focus on addressing the problem at hand will help on the road to success, two London tech for good entrepreneurs advised last week. Leah Kuntz reports.


Gig economy ‘harms job security’

As a government-backed review of modern employment draws to a conclusion, the harmful effects of the gig economy this month came into sharp focus again, with new attention on the downsides tarnishing the image of the online sharing economy. Leah Kuntz reports. (more…)