Fab Lab trophies make an impact

The 13 trophies given out to the winners of our 2017 Impact Awards were designed, produced and sponsored by the team at Fab Lab London, using its in-house facilities to laser-etch the designs on to clear acrylic block. “Game changers make our day,” said FLL.

FLL co-founder Ande Gregson, leading the project, said: “We developed an award using heavy 50mm acrylic blocks, that resembled a solid glass block, with laser-etched graphics using one of our Trotec lasers in the Lab. The solid feel of the award certainly made the recipients feel they had something substantial.”

Fab Lab London is a working digital fabrication lab and provides rapid prototyping services for startups, business and product companies, as well as educational training, workshops for all ages.

“Game changers maker our day,” Gregson added. “The ones who take traditional concepts, turn them around, on their head and back to front, to create something new and exciting. DigitalAgenda’s Impact Awards embodied that spirit for us, celebrating the successes of early-stage startups and the people behind them having a positive impact within society.”

DigitalAgenda editor Julian Blake said: “The Impact Awards celebrate innovation that looks to improve lives and the wider world. Through its work and facilities, Fab Lab London is helping thousands understand the potential for high-quality, low-cost digital manufacturing processes.

Fab Lab London logo“We were delighted when Tony Fish at FLL offered to create our awards trophies, and even more so when Ande took on the management of the project. It feels apt that these prizes for the tech community are coming from the creative thinking of that same community. The results are nothing short of gorgeous.”

Fab Labs emerged as a concept in the ‘bits and atoms’ lab at MIT just over 15 years ago, with over 1000+ labs as part of a global network spanning 90+ countries. Every Lab adheres to the Fab Lab charter and shares a common philosophy.

FLL offers a range of memberships for makers and startups.