Limits of language app learning

Language learning apps are all the rage, but can you really become fluent in a language just by using one? Fernando Rosell-Aguilar found that a big part of the appeal is that you can make embarrassing mistakes without anyone else hearing them. (more…)

CAST sets 10 digital design principles

With too many non-profits failing to adapt to the digital age, tech for good transformation agency CAST has worked with charities on a new set of 10 principles for non-profits to follow when they design digital services – helping them to save money and deliver better services. (more…)

Low tech doing good too

In a three-month podcast series, futurist Adah Parris has met activists from across the world to hear how they’re deploying tech as a force for good. The latest show in this series features a groundbreaking peer-to-peer farming network and an African healthcare information project. (more…)