Newcastle hosts first startup week

Newcastle is one of the best places in the UK to start a business – thanks to low house prices and relatively high salaries – but it still has a low number of startups year on year. So this month the city hosts its first-ever startup week, as part of an effort to promote the city as a place for entrepreneurs to set up in business. (more…)


Talking change: future digital cities

TALKING CHANGE: Cities face major challenges ahead, like an ageing population, climate change and a lack of democratic engagement. Technology could and will help to address many of these challenges. Julian Blake visits Newcastle and talks to one of the UK’s most respected planners, alongside a true pioneer of internet of things, about the future of their home city.


Newcastle could be digital ‘test bed’

The city of Newcastle faces major physical, economic and social challenges in the coming decades. But if the city is ready to offer itself as a “test bed” for innovation its residents will have new digital technologies to hand that will help them face the future with greater confidence, a meeting of 30 business and city leaders heard this week. Julian Blake reports. (more…)