£450K scales tech for good ventures

Three fast-rising UK tech for good ventures are set to accelerate as a result of new funding worth £450,000 from Nominet Trust’s social tech growth programme. The trust says the success of the three has convinced it to provide extra funding to support further growth and development.

The trust says the new funding will enable Limitless Travel, GiveVision and Konnektis to scale their operations significantly in 2017, making a difference to the everyday lives of thousands living with physical and visual impairments, as well as older people and their families.

stankarpenkoThe three ventures (Stan Karpenko from GiveVision pictured) had previously received funding through Nominet Trust’s social tech seed programme. That offers entrepreneurial organisations early-stage investment to develop innovative projects harnessing the power of the internet and digital technologies to deliver significant social change.

Nominet Trust says the success of the three has convinced it to provide extra funding to support their further growth and development.

Limitless Travel offers an online platform that makes it much easier for disabled travellers to search and compare accommodation and book holidays that meet their individual needs. Funding will be focused on developing technology that facilitates the collection and automation of users’ data to deliver a seamless consumer experience based on intelligent recommendations.

GiveVision’s SightPlus headset allows people with visual impairment to see more clearly, increasing their independence and mobility. The wearable, hands-free device uses image-enhancing software to help people with low vision, enabling them to recognise objects and faces as well as watch TV and read comfortably. The new funding will help the business grow its customer base both locally and globally.

Konnektis offers a reliable, secure digital platform that transforms communication between formal and informal carers, helping some of the 2.5m older people receiving care in their own homes. After a successful trial with Bradford Council in 2016, the additional investment will help Konnektis to scale their solution with ten more local authorities in 2017.

vicki_hearn_nominettrust300Nominet Trust director Vicki Hearn (pictured) said: “Each of these ventures demonstrates the truly transformative power of digital technology to tackle pressing social challenges. With Nominet Trust’s support through our social tech seed programme, these teams have already demonstrated their potential to deliver significant social impact.

“We’re confident that our social tech growth funding will now enable them to scale their solutions, transforming the lives of even more people.”

Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading social tech funder, provides 100% grant funding, mentoring and business support to organisations using the internet and digital technology to address significant social challenges including health and wellbeing, economic empowerment and sustainability.

Since 2009, it has invested more than £25m in projects harnessing technology to deliver real social change. The trust was founded in 2008 by Nominet a public benefit company, with 20 years’ experience running the .UK internet infrastructure.

Nominet Trust was also the headline sponsor of DigitalAgenda’s Impact Awards in March.