BGV names new startup nine

Tech-for-good investor Bethnal Green Ventures has unveiled the list of nine early-stage ventures joining its new 2018 accelerator programme. Tech on show includes pollution-cutting mobile sensor networks, virtual reality for young mental health and citizen data protection.

BGV 2018 cohort1London-based BGV has named the nine tech-for-good ventures that will take part in its spring 2018 accelerator programme, to help them grow into ventures with potential to have a positive impact on the lives of millions.

BGV invests in innovative tech ideas across health, education, sustainability, democracy and society. Its 12-week accelerator provides investment, co-working space and intensive mentoring and support to ventures from across the UK and Europe.

The nine startups (listed below) were selected from 180 applications across its areas of impact focus. They each receive investment of £15,000 in exchange for 6% equity.

By the end of 2017, BGV had supported 95 ventures, investing £1.9m, with a combined positive impact on 18m lives. It is supported by Nominet Trust and Nesta, and has partnerships including with Facebook, Children’s Society and the Resolution Trust.

Last month, BGV won the investment category at DigitalAgenda’s 2018 Impact Awards. Speaking at the event, chief executive Paul Miller advised tech-for-good entrepreneurs to “stay in for the long haul”.

“One of the things that the entrepreneurs we back have to realise that it takes longer than you think. And it’s amazing how many entrepreneurs we’ve backed who’ve really had to stick at it, but then it’s come good in the end and they’ve had a brilliant impact. That’s one of the most gratifying things about the job we do.”

Looking to the future, Miller said: “We’d love to see even more diversity of founders that we can back. We’re up to something like 42% female employees in the BGV portfolio and we’d love that to be 50%. We want to see people from an even wider range of backgrounds.”

BGV spring 2018 cohort 

AirPublic – mobile sensor networks to produce air quality data that truly reflects the movements and lives of everyday people

Apiary Book – mobile app that allows beekeepers to record everything they need to know about their hives

Chanua Health – has created Neuro Champions, an AR and VR game to teach young people about the brain and mental health

GearBuddymakes equipment use safer, efficient and more productive across the construction industry through IoT and data

GetMappd – platform for citizens to manage their personal data and exercise their rights

Pillar – digital support group in your pocket, designed to support mums

Syrona – low-cost digital home kit for monitoring gynecological health

The Nu. Wardrobe – online sustainable community for sharing clothes to reduce waste.

WageCheck – app for workers to track their hours and wages to ensure they are being paid the correct amount.