Trust showcases tech for good best

OpenUp Music and Troo Life Coach – two of the UK’s most innovative tech-for-good ventures – join DigitalAgenda on stage at our Impact Awards on March 7, in a showcase of Nominet Trust-backed startups. Both are led by fascinating, forward-thinking social entrepreneurs.

jenhyattJen Hyatt (pictured) from Troo Life Coach and Barry Farrimond from OpenUp Music are the latest tech-for-good entrepreneurs to join DigitalAgenda’s Impact Awards celebration in east London on Wednesday March 7.

Farrimond and Hyatt appear together at the Impact Awards in an on-stage showcase from Nominet Trust, which has supported both projects as part of its work to transform lives with tech. NT is the headline sponsor for the Impact Awards for the second year running.

Tickets are on sale for the March 7 awards show, happening at the super-cool Oval Space from 3-9pm – book your place now.

Hyatt is a serial social entrepreneur who has co-created more than 30 organisations worldwide in health, education and grantmaking. Over the last decade, she has focused on applying tech and social impact business models to build markets and systems around the people that use them. This includes EarTime, which is developing Ai to drive conversation that makes a difference.

In 2016 she founded Troo Life Coach, which delivers insight, co-creation and wellbeing through conversational Ai and data analytics. She previously founded Big White Wall, which used digital technology to transform people’s mental health journey into one of personalised support and recovery available 24/7.

Barry Farrimond, CEO of OpenUp Music and SWOYO member George Roberts South West Open Youth Orchestra award presented by Stephen HoughFarrimond (pictured, left) has over 10 years of experience developing, strengthening and leading social enterprise and third-sector arts organisations. In 2014, he co-founded OpenUp Music, a charity working to ensure that orchestras are accessible to young disabled people. He has overseen the establishment of 25 special school orchestras through an ambitious Open Orchestras programme.

The expansion of Open Orchestras gave rise to the South West Open Youth Orchestra, the UK’s only disabled-led youth orchestra – providing an essential musical progression route for some of the UK’s most talented disabled and non-disabled young musicians.

Respected as an authority on the development and application of accessible music technology, Farrimond has led the development of an award-winning musical instrument – the Clarion – that can be played with any part of the body, including the eyes.

Farrimond is also an actor with over 25 years’ stage and screen experience. He plays the part of Ed Grundy in the long-running BBC Radio 4 soap The Archers.

The Nominet Trust showcase is one element of what promises to be a very special occasion indeed, with speakers from government, industry and the United Nations alongside inspiring tech-for-good award winners selected from a shortlist in a dozen categories. 300 guests are coming from business, government and non-profits.

Tickets for the 2018 Impact Awards are available for £49 via our awards booking page.


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