‘Unite us’ fund entries close soon

There are under three weeks before ‘tech to unite us’ – the Social Tech Trust’s £500,000 transforming-lives-with tech grant fund – closes for applications. The trust evolved from Nominet Trust last month and is now operating under its new name.

social tech trust logoSocial Tech Trust – formerly Nominet Trust – unveiled its new ‘tech to unite us’ grant programme last month, targeting up to 10 early-stage tech ventures that tackle inequality.

“This is a call for radical new approaches that shift the balance of ‘power to people and communities’ who want to challenge an unequal status quo,” says the trust. “Tech is increasingly called upon to drive these shifts…but more radical and powerful still, is to look to people and communities to drive tech to unite us.”

Ventures can apply for grants of up to £45,000, plus technical assistance. Startups will know by October if they have been successful, then receive nine to 12 months of support.

Social Tech Trust evolved out of Nominet Trust – the UK’s leading dedicated grant maker in socially motivated tech – after the latter became independent from founder Nominet, allowing it to attract funding from other sources.

The trust offers as examples of ventures of ‘tech that unites us’ the following:

Open Utility – democratising power, through its peer-2-peer platform allowing trade in renewable energy

Wevolver – open source platform devolving power of creation, by allowing sharing of blueprints

Big White Wall – allowing people to find mental health support, backed by an online community.

To help potential applicants, the trust has organised three pre-app events – two online – before the 25 July closing date.

Online: Thursday 5 July, 10:30-11:30am
Online: Wednesday 11 July, 10:30-11:30am
Google Campus, London: Tuesday 17 July, 5:30-7:00pm.

The trust already supports anti-poverty tech with its £1m support for Fair By Design, aiming to end the poverty premium within the next 10 years

Application details are on the new Social Tech Trust website.